SPOTLIGHT: West Street Park in Howell

A mix of activities make it a fun spot for all ages

By Autumn J. Moricz May 15, 2024

Livingston County has an abundance of parks and playgrounds to explore. We love exploring new places and spaces.

This week our travels took us to Howell to the WEST STREET PARK.

West Street Park is located on Factory Street and West St. It is a great neighborhood park situated near .

This park has a mix of activities for all ages. Form the playground to the basketball court to the paved path around the park, all ages can enjoy this space. I love that parents can watch their little ones on the playground while older kids bike the paved path (still able to be safely watched by parents)

There is plenty of shade to cool off. Picnic and pavilion areas make it a great place to eat lunch or snack and make a longer playdate out of this location.

Be sure to add this small, neighborhood park to your list. 

 West Street Park
 Street View & Map of West St. Park