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SPOTLIGHT: Northwest Elementary School in HOWELL

By Autumn J. Moricz July 27, 2023

Livingston County has an abundance of parks and playgrounds to explore. We love exploring new places and spaces.

This week our travels took us to Howell to the playground at Northwest Elementary. 

(Northwest Elementary1233 Bower Rd.Howell, MI 48843)

What I loved about the playground is all the different options for play. From toddler to teen there is a place for fun.

The area is clean and well kept. There is parking right near the playground opening making it easier for families juggling multiple kids, strollers and snacks. And on the subject of snacks, there are plenty of tables and seating for taking a break for a treat or even eating a picnic lunch.

I highly recommend checking out elementary schools playgrounds in and around your area. There are so many benefits to exploring with your kids in your town.

1. Give them a sense of belonging to their hometown.

How does a school fit in to the structure of the community?

2. For younger kids that are not in school they can start to build a comfort level on the playground. 

Follow along as they explore. What boundaries do they set for themselves? What limits do they push?

3. For older kids they experience a sense of pride in sharing their school with you.

What is their favorite thing to do at recess? What did they not do as a kindergartner that they can now do with ease as a 3rd grade?

Make the time today to explore a school playground in Howell or elsewhere in the county. 

Here is a link to all the elementary schools in Howell. Make it an adventure going from playground to playground.

Elementary - Howell Public Schools (

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