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Visit NautiMi on the River in Pinckney ~More than just Ice Cream

By Autumn J. Moricz July 11, 2023

If you are looking to get out on the water check out NautiMi on the River in Pinckney. 

You may have popped in for a morning coffee or enjoyed a sweet ice cream treat after dinner, but did you know they have kayaks, paddleboards and canoes?

My family and I have rented kayaks from NautiMi a few times. It was great not having to load them up on the car or trailer them. To be able to book online, check in and launch with ease is very convenient. (Especially when you have anxious kids in tow)

They are located between Portage and Baseline Lake on the Huron River Chain of Lakes, a perfect location for exploring the beautiful chain. You can trailer them elsewhere if you want, but we have launched right from NautiMi each time.

Throughout the summer my kids and kayak and tube on local rivers, so it is great to change it up and paddle the chain amongst the pontoons, sailboats and jet skis.

Another benefit to kayaking on the lake, vs the river is travelling back to your starting point is simpler on the chain. With river kayaking you have the stronger current to contend with. This can often lead to needing to be picked up at an “end point.” We have paddled back with ease when renting from NautiMi.

I have had parents ask if I was concerned to have my kids out on the lakes in kayaks with all the boats. We have witnessed a balance on the lakes between the motorized boats and others that choose to kayak or paddleboard. I have never run into any issues, but we do stay closer to the shore for the most part. 

When renting for the day with my younger skids we stopped to swim or float about while we eat a snack. Same kayaks, but different trip with my adult kids. We will often travel the entire chain, paddling further out from the shore. 

Rentals must be back to the launch site, they will not pick them or you up. Paddles and lifejackets are provided to you with each rental. You also get a map to help you navigate through the lakes.

For more information you can go to their rental website:

 NauTikiMi Charters | NauTikiMI Tikiboat Tours


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You will be asked to fill out a waiver for each person heading out on the water.

NauTikiMI Charters

9260 Mcgregor Rd

Pinckney, MI 48169